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Thread: Ccleaner

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    I'm not saying i don't know how to use it. I'm saying that it's not as efficient as other FREE software. You just got a brand that has paid to be advertised more than others =].

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessifer View Post
    Check your firewall OP
    Quote Originally Posted by spittaz View Post
    why you guys bother posting if your not helping -.-??
    I just said what to do. :|

    It's either your anti-virus or firewall.

    Seireitei for the win!

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    or just reboot

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    easy simple way... i been using ccleaner or programs like advanced system care they won't let you start cabal when you use those softwares. You just need to open up internet explorer. click on internet options.. top tab look for connections then lan setting.. check use a proxy server for your lan then ok. Then go back do the same thing and uncheck use a proxy server for your lan and hit Ok. Open up your cabal game and it will work.

    Every time you use ccleaner u need to take this steps or wait a few mins like those previous guys said, but this works right away if you check then hit ok and then uncheck then hit ok. it could be anti- virus but i doubt that most anti virus let you open up game clients.

    For why it doesn't work is because it cleans the system cookie registry for cabal to run and block the proxy to open up the game client.

    anything pm IGN midnightstorm or midnightshadow

    hope it helps

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