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Thread: New Cabal Online UI Skin: Original skin mix(soon done)

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    New Cabal Online UI Skin: Original skin mix(soon done)

    Hi, I made a new skin and wanted to see if you think if it would get popular or interesting, so as if itīs worth to call it better than the standard Cabal skin.

    The progress is quiet far and I think it looks nice so far, the project name is ~Cabal Eclipse:

    More updates, progress is really great now:

    Original thread: http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthr...-working-title

    Tell me what you think and if itīs worth to finish.

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    Looks pretty great. I myself am a fan of transparency and was going to work on a holographic-like display for my next ui once I actually get around to it. I reckon it'll take a good 8-9 hours to finish it completely as well as the future ui pages (i use korean test server to get the ui files ahead of time). I also use paint.net on all my custom skins in the past, but my biggest problem is running into the window overlap spots. I'd love to chat in pm about more details on how you've overcome some of those issues.

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    sim vale

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