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Thread: Luminous God / Stormy God

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    Luminous God / Stormy God

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a Luminous God / Stormy God on serve?
    almost 4 years in cabal and I never seen anyone before.
    If there is one, please could you put a SS or video here?
    p.s.: kill title of 500k deaths.
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    No...For one, it got removed from one of the updates after it was around for a year or so. Secondly, it will be back in one of the next updates apparently. They are very annoying for the fact that when they talk it pops up in the middle of the screen and you can't block it. People would abuse the power all the time and spam. Lets pray to god that cabal doesn't make the same mistake this time.

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    isnt he talking about kill titles?

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    I'm talking about kill titles.
    The titles of 500k deaths.

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    How does Luminous God/Stormy God get confused with Bringer? o-o
    Anyways, I don't think anyone has gotten that title yet. The most I've seen is maybe from XI? Captain/General?!

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    I was tired, that's how.

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    man, even if I have to go all the cabal forums, I'll find one.

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    If you can read korean, go over to their forums. I'm sure they got like 100 people with this title.

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    wait general on the wi or fb??
    wi would make more sense for you, seeing as how ive seen ur wi skills lol.
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