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Thread: Need help choosing computers

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    Need help choosing computers

    I have a laptop amd athlon (tm) x2 dual core QL-60 1.90Ghz 3GB ram, and i want to get a new one-http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=6810297&Sku=F12-150022 I want to see if that new one im getting would be better than the one I have for gaming can anyone help me? basically what I want to know is should I buy the new one or just stick with the old one I want to run cabal decently and see everyones and everythings skills. Any help and it has to be below or at 400$please help

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    No, that laptop is complete trash. Save up another $200-$400 and build a decent desktop.

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    Laptop + gaming = a bad idea, especially when it is around 400$

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    try newegg.com

    but for 400, your kinda shy for high end gaming - for example:

    amd II phenom x4 quad core processor 100$
    case - can vary in price from cheap ones to decent one, for lowest price but good quality id buy raidmax smilidon for 80$
    500gb hard drive for 80$
    4gb ram for 50-70$ depending on brand/quality
    power supply 50$ish
    decent motherboard 120-140$ish
    cd/dvd drive 20-100ish depending on brand/quality..
    most of the mboards coming with ati hd radeon onboard graphics, which can run casual stuff, up to modern warfare ect, but once you get to games like crysis and bc2, they tend to lag alot, and id recommend dropping atleast 150-200$
    for a decent one to play new games and not lag, like bf3 coming out soon ^_^

    its more like 550-600$ish if you low balled it on some other things like cd/dvd drives ect

    vid just cuz i waste time typing all that lol

    i wouldnt expect to run any frosbite engine games on a onboard graphics vid card without lag so i doubt its really worth the investment, otherwise if your talking just playing mmos n stuff really you could low ball alot of that stuff, including a vid card lol..
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    I just built a mid level i5 system for around $600 about 4 months ago.

    EVGA P55 SLI Mobo (intel)
    EVGA 9800 GT 1GB GPU (yes I know...I got it cheap)
    4GB OCZ 1600 DDR3 Ram
    Intel i5 760 CPU
    OCZ Fatality PSU
    Liteon DVD RW Drive
    Samsung 1TB Hard drive 64mb cache
    Cooler Master Elite 310 Case (cheap and decent)
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    So far the only issues I have had with this system are cooling issues with the CPU, but thats mostly because the stock i5 cooler is garbage.

    Good luck and happy building!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sn0wXz View Post
    my body was not ready

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    fucking pelicans br0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheep View Post
    I can't say I can agree with you on that. I had a comp with a single core 1.8ghz processor, 1gb of ram, and some crap generic graphics card, and it ran Cabal just fine.

    Anyway, xing, if you want to build a gaming comp, look around on tigerdirect. Try to get a good graphics card and processor, it shouldn't cost much.
    LOL I have to agree...i had an old Dell with a P4 in it that ran cabal just fine with 1gb ram and onboard graphics. After a bit the graphics went while I was in CA one day...i bought a cheap 256 PCI card and was back in action.

    I used tigerdirect and newegg to build mine and every single piece I got a rebate/discount/sale on.

    The key is to take your time and find the deals. They are out there and a decent system can be built on a budget.

    Well from my experience anyway...im just a weekend warrior when it comes to building systems.

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