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Thread: Good Information on building your Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by providen1990 View Post
    So damage reduce only good when your opponent does not hit hard which mean it is no good for WI? I mean what good does it have if someone crit you 4-5k and you reduce it by 100... This stat is like the opposite of add damage lol.
    How does penetration work exactly?
    Does anyone know if they still add like 400 def after you reach a def threshold (before was 1200def) in NW ?
    Quote Originally Posted by http://oldcabal.estgames.com/AboutCabal/About/MissionWar_Basic_Boost

    • HP 500% increase
    • Defense 150% increase
    • While PvP, damage 400% increase (including critical damage) Buff Potion (HP up) applicable value 500% increase
    • Vital Potion item applicable value 500% increase
    While it's not 100% up to date for HP, the boost is basically the same.

    We don't know much about penetration. We know it adds more damage and it's different per class.

    Opposite of Add damage isn't a bad perception.

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    Oh I am not talking about this boost, I was talking about a hiding 400 defense boost only in NW when you get your defense to 1200 and over (it doesn't show in your stats). That boost was the only reason why WI and FA lances weren't that OP in the old war )
    BTW what is the damage reduce of a 190 WA, FB with amber charm and rune ?
    Extra question How would you rank the classes in order from strongest to weakest (NW only)
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    I always thought Accuracy was what reduced the Evasion of the target, and Penetration was what reduced the Damage Reduce of the target....
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    Does anyone know about the HP loss for Blader when increase STR from 599 to 600?
    Do you have a table for that?

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