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Thread: S> 182 fs

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    S> 182 fs

    182 Fs Hnr 13
    basic craft 8700..... normal craft 2999
    crafts anything from LID to MO (that includes all entries), Sp Pots lvl 1-3, all amp and buff pots lvl 1-4, UcL to UcHH, SeL to SeHH.

    has BM3 stage 3, Merg, tyrant, Runes (att rate, HP, MP, Mcr, Att, Str, CDi, Def, def rate,Int, Dex, Prty, exp, S amp)


    if buying fully geared.
    4.5bill + xfer
    Osm armorhelm+10 30% cdi
    Craftsman Forcy+9 suit with Hp in slot
    Craftsman Forcy+9 gloves with hp steal in slot
    Craftsman forcy+9 boots with hp in slot
    Redosm Blade+11 40%cdi
    Sig crystal+9 40%cdi

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