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Thread: Katana vs Blade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserk_Fury View Post
    wtf is FOR and PvM?

    Also as I said in my first post, I already switched to str fb and I definitely feel that's the way to go at least for pve, so from the stat point of view a blade is more favorable also.
    Sorry, FOR = STR and PvM = PvE... As you already have noticed English in not my native idiom, and I make mistake all the time, although I thought I could use PvM (something like player versus monster, you know?) but I know that I should use player versus environment.

    As I said, the difference basically is in stats with almost no difference in field. Technically with more STR you get more HP and Decrease Damage and with DEX you get more attack/deffense rate. I prefer DEX, but there is no a 'right way' to build your char.

    And I think that katana is coolest than blade! hahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Berserk_Fury View Post
    You could at least try to explain your reasoning instead of just saying what you think.
    And very simple my friend, Katana Forcium even losing your base attack, but I like it to have greater precision accuracy when using MB3. Now comes the interesting part of the crystal it benefits me my Katana Forcium balancing the lost points of base attack, it is clear once again gain accuracy with crystal forcium.

    But I have to do the calculations from (Sword and Crystal) (Sword & Orb) is (Katana & Orb) is (Katana & Crystal)

    Can benefit me in the build Str Int Dex

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    best build:

    blade x orb :3

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