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Thread: Combo Help

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    Combo Help


    I've been searching for combo post information but what i found was all old.

    And a noob and new Wi with a decent equipoment and i would like to know a good combo for PVP and another for PVE.

    For PVP i was using Terra Lance, Aqua Lance, Fire Lance, Meteorite and Glacial Trap.
    Another question, we dont use anymother EDC, dont we? Glacial Trap hits much harder i think. (not sure about that)

    And for PVE if i have to kill 1 Boss i use same combo as PVP, but i have to kill mobs i use EDC, SC, Meterite and GT.

    Please, try no to use much slang words because my english is quit poor and i will not understand.


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    for PvE u know the answer already. for pvp glacier trap as starter for stun and full lances, don't throw in metero or cannons. That's from my experience. feel free to correct me because i'm not a pro wiz

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