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Thread: It's Been A While lol

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    It's Been A While lol

    Sup guys. So it's been a while since I have played. About 1 or two years since all my stuff got lost during the password change days.(Put all my stuff on a acc my friend gave me then it got closed and he couldn't remember the email for it D So anyways I'm just wondering what's changed do much and if any of my old friends still play like Cathy and others and if Seireitei is still the strongest guild!
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    Hmmm. In a nutshell: Yes.

    In expanded detail, only thing really different is new items and added upgrade system. That and there's an update tonight with quite a few new features. Sei's still quite alive and still leading as strongest. People still throwing their Q's and Flames about alz buying, and such. Normal stuffs. Game play is the same.

    Welcome back I guess?

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    wb? dont you know people never truly leave this game? lol

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