I saw the other thread about about the cabal mobile app, but I wanted to suggest things a little different and GMs I know you will be with me on this one,

the cabal app features great AH info and you can see prices and what's selling but how about this?

Adding our cabal mailing system into the app and allowing you to mail any player in the game via AH that way if the cabal player is not home or in their computer they can receive a notification on their mobile device and reply back instantly ... This way meetings can be set in between players ,or make offers about an item selling, and things of that sort.

This is one suggestion I think would be ideal and very practical to every cabal player
Related to this I'm not sure if its possible but also being able to retrieve alz from your sold items directly from the app, and also being able to place items from your bank and or in your inventory in to AH

The third suggestion its also about the mailing system .. is that players can communicate with any other player within their friend list via mail at any time .. its juzz a way to make a better more practical cabal social experience

I've also thought of a pop out chat that supports whisper and guild chat but that's up to you guys

Also for safety reasons I don't think items should be able to attach to mail through the application

I would really like a GM to take a look at these suggestions and share his/her views on the matter

Sincerely BlackDyingRose,/Eben playing since beta