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Thread: Tron 1.4 - Ep 10 Update

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    Tron 1.4 - Ep 10 Update

    Hello all. I've updated the tron skin to the newest version of the game. I've not really adjusted much since there wasn't much feedback on what to change. I've changed the personal Class/HP/MP ui part however since I felt the old was ugly and didn't fit in as well. I also noticed I was missing a spot on one of the inventory spots, but it's irrelevant since it was re-created new (longer) on a different file.

    Additions are simply the new ui pages and parts.

    Make sure you download the Original as well in case you want to change it back.

    Here are the links to the downloads:
    (click the color you want)

    Color and Links:
    Light Blue
    Neon Green

    Original Files:
    Original Files

    If you're new to doing skins just view this readme:

    The readme probably has more details than needed. You'll only need to extract the files to the location in the game folders that it points out and it should do the rest. If confused, just PM me and I'll help you out as soon as possible.


    Q: My game is all white pages! What did I do?
    A: You deleted a file of the UI and didn't replace it, or didn't properly name the replacement.

    Q: It didn't work. I put the file into the right folder but it's still the same. What do I do?
    A: You probably didn't extract it. When it extracts it is a whole folder, so if you extracted it INTO the Theme1 folder you'll have to open up that folder and move all those files (18 total) into the folder above it (Theme1)

    Please let me know if the links aren't working correctly. (I've not figured it out just yet with their new "Share" function but I think you're supposed to create an account or something stupid like that. Maybe I'll upload to mediafire instead)

    (If I did any colors wrong I apologize now because I do have a slight color deficiency, so I'm not always accurate. I know that some of the Pinks and Purple are a little different, but I think okay enough for it to still look nice since it's not like splitting the colors on the same ui part.)

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