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Obviously, but that's the purpose of Cash Shop in general, we were discussing one specific section(Dungeon Entries) And if you truly think about it.. ESTSoft Corp was valued at $82Million in total Equity and Liabilities and earned $27Million in sales as of Q4 2013... Then you add that current employment statistics state they currently have 370 Employees..whereas the current NA hub hosts 11-50 employees... This company profits off of very little man power.. Need I say more? And I believe ESTSoft is associated with some pretty notable awards for their services. Don't get me wrong, like EST and it's associates for all that they provide for the community(Cabal), but they aren't doing anything for consumer benefit. Like I said, it is a virtual world whereas the services don't provide any real life purpose other than relaxation and fun.


Not trying to say that they don't do things to please the consumer, I just don't buy that they get nothing from it.

You seem to be really confused. ESTsoft is a software company, they develop multiple software and provide other services. You can find that info on the link you've provided.

That 82 Million, that's not dollars thats WON. As stated on the website, it is measured or counted using Won "(Unit : million won)." Also; that stated 82,270 not 82 Million, DO THE MATH CORRECTLY. And! That's 2012 Financial Info. That does not state that all of that money is CABAL earnings. That's also equity and liability, that's not earnings,

Back to your statement about Virtual Items. Virtual Items require initial production cost and then upkeep cost. To keep the item in circulation it requires to time, money, and attention.

Nothing in life is free not even virtual items.

If anyone is going to google paste information, at the very least, please read the information you're about to post and dont fabricate information and pass them on as factual information.