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Thread: +15ing forci!!!!

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    +15ing forci!!!!

    ok so i thought of going to +15 some forci, ... well if you dont want to over spend you cant use safeguards cause they're over one billion a piece so its a waste, that goes also for perfect cores, you want to stay under three billion, is it possible? specially when the finished item wont even be worth 3.5 billion, so i thought id ask you guys, any experience player who haves taken forci to +15?

    how hard was it?

    how much did it cost?

    what are some tricks and tips to it?

    share your ideas, those of you who's +15 forci before and those who have done it several times!!!

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    Safeguards are not that expensive. I have seen ppl selling them with ~200m each, so with 3b, you can buy 8-10 safeguard, and the rest for enhanced core.

    According to my experience, upgrading from +11 to 15 (using normal cores to upgrade to 11 is not very hard) requires around 4-5 safeguards.

    Thanks to new system, every time you fail upgrade, you earn upgrade points, and it increases the chance you upgrade the next time, so you will get to +15, eventually.

    To be more secure, upgrade a crap item and try to fail about 2 - 3 times in a row, then try your FC item.

    P/S: I have been upgrading lots of items, and I realize that somehow, upgrading items with clean slots has higher chance to succeed. Don't know why.
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