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Thread: Player pretend to be a Staff of cabal (check it out)

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    Player pretend to be a Staff of cabal (check it out)


    His ign is OfficialStaff , a fake staff trying to scam us i believe , anyways theres others IGN who pretend to be our Guild Leader and ask for account information , they been doing this to to a couple times and now i want this to stop so is other players . I'll take more screenshot when they pull this again

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    just block him, done deal. or troll him like I always do

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    i got randoms pm me saying there my friends and to lend them my gear or invite to guild

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    yup , happening to everyone recently , i think it just 1 guy doing it, i mean i would'nt mind trolling them back but it just get to the point where it is SO ANNOYING!, pretend to be guild leader and now staff? jesus ,

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    doesn't even use [GM] or [EST] tag, /facepalm
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