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Thread: Ticket Times

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    Ticket Times

    I have tickets that have been in for 6 weeks now still in ready mode, and a someone in guild that has a ticket in for 2 months about being hacked. Yet no response what so ever, just how long does it take to respond to a ticket now, I say 6 months and whats the point of logging tickets now a days when the gm's just ignore them? Betting when i do get a response it will be " your ticket is so old, it serves no purpose anymore and we are just deleting it, thank you for playing cabal and we dont give a damn about you, now go spend more money, thanks again."

    Anyone else feeling this way? lets let the gm's know this is not acceptable. thanks and have a great day.

    OH i bet they shut this done in seconds cause they are on top of the forums. hahahahahahaha
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