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Thread: .erl impossible to fix

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    Unhappy .erl impossible to fix

    Hi guys , i know there are many threads about this problem , but i really want to say : It's impossible to fix this problem without any help from the cabal staff !!! When i join the game , i can play for 30 seconds then that stupid problem , inquiry bla bla 1 .erl gameguard . I've tried every single piece of ur ideea about that problem . I've tried to reinstall/reboot/disabling AV . Firewall/inquiry files etc. I really want to play this game , and i have other 4 guys that want to play with me , all have the same problem !! Please , try to resolv it , or i don't know what could u do , but help us . Post a fix , or try to fix it from client idk , just help us , i've tried everything but isn't enough !!

    Thx , and i hope someone will help me !! <<

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    i don't know how , but today the game runs normally !! If u fixed that stupid problem thx if not , u can close this topic !! WORK NOW

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