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Thread: Just came back to Cabal~

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    Just came back to Cabal~

    Hi there guys, i want to start playing Cabal again but unfortunately, i forgot my password to my ID :/ I used to play force archer back in 2010ish~ i was around level 150-160 i don't quite remember too much, but i think i was in the Venus server and i was in a guild named xD. I did file a ticket but i have yet gotten a reply, so i thought this would be a better way of getting help... I know i was a double transcender. Lastly, i know my ingame character name was Cavell. I hope i can get the help i need, thanks a lot..

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    This isn't something that we (the players) can help you with, your best chance is to contact the help desk via the main website. I'm not sure what the chances are of getting your ancient character back but good luck.

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