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Thread: ActiveX-Controller

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    Hello everybody,

    my problem is, that everytime i open the itemshop, i get a window with the information:

    "At least an ActiveX-Steruerelement couldn't be shown.
    Possible causes:

    1)The current security settings prevent the execution
    of ActiveX control element on this side.
    2)The editor of one of the ActiveX control elements is blocked.

    The side isn't shown possibly correctly therefore."

    If someone know, how i can repair this,
    pls help me.



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    Shadow Titanium TeaParty's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    I tried mailing you in-game and noticed that you are not playing on the NA servers. If you are from EU, you would probably get more help if you posted on the EU forums instead of NA. The EU forums is here, good luck. If you are not playing on EU, perhaps you could use the website's cash shop? I know EU doesn't offer that yet, not sure about other servers though.

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    oh ehm Thanks xDD, didn't noticed that
    peace and take care

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