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Thread: 2nd Part of Gladiator update

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    2nd Part of Gladiator update

    So EU got the 2nd part of the Gladiator update including Meritorious System, Gladiator effectros, and Potentially Gladiator crafting. http://cabaleu.estgames.com/en/News/Content/765 http://cabaleu.estgames.com/en/News/Content/756 (if you dont believe me)

    I think Gregfishin said it best, "They Come over here Mess up our servers go to theirs get new stuff first RIP"

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    Isn't that how they always do us in NA? No KY or nothin

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    inb4 NAGM'sbelikeOhyeaweforgottogivetheotherserversthis patchaddition.

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    cocoberry whre are you lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    When I get asked to run IC2

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    You know NA games always update their games at the near end of summer (something like 2nd, 3rd week of August). The reason is because it is the time when we all go to school and ... so let be patient ^^

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