What is attack rate to attack o.o?????????
Is it like every 1Attack damage you need 10Attack rate to = 100% chance accuracy, if that's the case whats MAX Attack Rate Ahhh why did they add Accuracy this s confusing now.
SO why can't Accuracy just be the % of attack rate make things simple
Example if attack rate is 10/1 to percentage
Attack 1000
A.Rate 3000
Accuracy 30%
I played all classes and I've had 6000 attack rate and miss like 60% of the time combo is like a necessity and if your suposed to just combo threw lv.140-190 why is attack rate/accuracy even there to begin with?
the newsiest class "Gladiator" I have 3400 Attack rate and 600 Attack so WTF I miss 80% of the hits at lest how does this accuracy in-game work? anyone know