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Thread: Nation War 101

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enso View Post
    That's actually the only time it's really useful. Blader can just be like "oh, I survived this root but barely have health left/not much time on intuition, how about you don't root me again? K, thanks." Any other use is guesswork.
    I see several instances of blader going natural hiding instantly after root. Most time the short already over by the time root is gone depending on root level. but you right, if they use it a few sec after then that actually best time to use, assuming there another fb next to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viet4fun View Post
    i see alot of the t5 proc fbs waste aoc on cap fbs?? why?? aoc so strong on guardians @@ !! and also if you gonna use the aoc on person why not root after?? such waste @@
    I get AOC'd around 15-20 times on an average war lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiteFalcon View Post
    I get AOC'd around 15-20 times on an average war lol
    Yeah, but they're not using lightning blade...
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    I use aoc and lightning blade to get away from jocking wizzies.

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    This looks like how people play alright. Now whether that's good or not is a whole different story. I get slaughtered in war bcs low honor, but at least I debuff correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamnotjelly View Post
    I use aoc and lightning blade to get away from jocking wizzies.
    Oh, I meant to say NOT, I'ma fix dat right quick...

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    In the instance for a BL using NH ---a FB can root a BL twice in the amount of time it takes for a BL to use NH and have it ready the 2nd time...therefore...using it after execration just insures you don't get rooted again and then killed. Any other time, and its just a huge guess and crossing your fingers you don't get rooted.

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    there are 2 reasons BL use NH right after rooted:
    1. he coudn't see FB until it's too late and FB root BL 1s before he press NH button
    2. that BL is too "SMART"

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    Make sure you get your group of friends together and try to chase that celebrity in war and get his autograph.

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