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Thread: So what happend to the class status?

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    So what happend to the class status?

    So I take it make a BL/ FB or nothing
    WA/ and WI are now the weakest link in the game but why?

    when I played this last all the char status was different for example the Blader got Attack, M.attack, defense, A.Rate, D.Rate for every 1 point added to STR and the same to DEX
    But for some reason STR only increases Attack only to all classes nothing else and DEX only increases Attack Rate, Defense Rate and Evasion>???? WHY so a WA/WI that are dominant in STR/INT = no attack rate for the WA and no Def rate for WI so basically more DPS but you cant do dungeons.
    and further more GOOD LORD the "Tank" don't get def for STR, INT, DEX o.o? wha~
    why was defense taken out of the equation again?
    someone explain cause as far as I can tell only classes dominant in DEX get the over all most use out of your character

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    http:// http://forum.cabal.com/showt...aracter-Builds

    ^ultimate thread about stats ever made in the history of cabal.please refer to the previous link :/
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