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Thread: Ecoin difference in cabaleu/cabal?

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    Ecoin difference in cabaleu/cabal?

    Yesterday i bought 15k Ecoins for ~$19, using Paypal/Xsolla option.

    Now today i wanted to get some more, i noticed there are 2 websites:

    On cabal website:
    $ 20 - 2000 eCoins

    On cabaleu website
    € 20 - 20000 eCoin

    I asume there are different servers then, where ecoins are different in EU and (i assume) US? Since a character slot is 17k (or so), that would be $100+ if i would accidently buy on the cabal.estgames.com website..

    Anyway, when i try to buy few more, i cant seem to find Paypal anymore (Xsolla) in the options anymore. My payment of yesterday did work:
    EST Games (via Xsolla)
    Thank your for using Xsolla service!

    Problem is, i dont have any other option, as Rabobank isnt supported either (ING and ABN are however..).
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    I am from CabalEU, and I'd like to clarifiy your question.
    On cabal NA you can buy "$ 20 - 2000 eCoins". For NA, a voucher is 1000 eCoin
    On cabal EU you can buy "€ 20 - 20000 eCoin". For EU, a voucher is 5000 eCoin

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    which is really interesting bcs the Euro is stronger than the USD. That means that 20 euro = 4 vouchers. The euro isn't worth 2.0 usd atm though... Odd huh...

    "1 Euro equals 1.25 US Dollar" as of right now. So your 4 eu vouchers = 2.5 us vouchers...

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    So EU stuff is cheaper, am I right?

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    yup if the info is correct Eu stuff is cheaper. That's not right =(.


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    NA cash shop is highly outdated and imbalanced. It needs an update. I would suggest for the GMs reading this thread that they perform an analysis of items and their relative costs in game and adjust the cost accordingly. Also, I would also be willing to bet that if they went one step further and made the every day use items cheaper, that they may be able to make more money overall with the increase in sales. Also, some players would stick with the game rather than quit over things like this. This is just one of the improvements that could be made to the overall quality of life on the game.

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    today i recharge my postepay with 10 euro and when i try to shop, the translation doesn't work. This is a pic of the problem payment.jpg

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