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Thread: Game Guard Error 114

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    Game Guard Error 114

    Every time I try to play, after I click Start on the launcher, it pops up as nProtect GameGuard not working. It directs me to this page. http://www.gameguard.co.kr/gameguard...ng/FAQ_114.htm I have tried everything on it already. My GPU is up to date and I have tried restarting, disabling AV, and getting new Direct X. None of the things listed on the site work. Can anyone help? Member... GM?

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    Most likely anti virus conflict since gameguard is basically a rootkit, disabing the AV with a button in the AV program probably still leaves the anti virus service running in services tab. If the AV allows, disable the service on start up or try a clean boot.
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    even if you uninstall the AV, the error still remains.

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