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Thread: Wiz Stats

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    Wiz Stats

    Whats the high end good stats for wiz?

    Dex: ?
    Int: ?
    Str: ?

    Is there a difference between pvp and pve ?

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    What's the point of building your stats correctly?
    Everyone is just going to tell you to get the minimum DEX and STR to wear whatever you need and push the rest into INT; anything else is just absurd. There's really nothing wrong with that but the meta has changed ever since Rising Force and that's more than 1 year ago. Figures the majority would be built correctly by now but I guess not.

    Anyways, I'd allocate some points towards DEX because wizards have ****ty attack rate. This might help with how much stats you need.

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    Depends on the rest of your build. My wiz was 82 str, 1k int, rest dex (297 with level 5 stat runes). Then I believe I raised my str to 100 at some point for pve. Worked fine enough for me, YMMV.

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