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Thread: Fs str / dex

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    Fs str / dex

    OK I know they change the stats from the beginning and now it seems all classes do the same thing STR = attack only INT = M.damage only and DEX = defense rate, Attack rate and Evasion so DEX is now the best way to go it seems just more for your buck
    SO... For the FS is it a necessity to have the D.Rate or the STR I don't know how everyone is building there FS but I need help someone give me some pointers

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    nm on that I was just informed that STR grants Damage reduction and more so STR is better after all

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    dex is the best build don't lie to yourself
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    Just invest the minimum for INT and DEX. Rest, pump into STR.

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