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Thread: hi, im restarting my bl, i need some help

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    hi, im restarting my bl, i need some help

    hi, i have a 145 bl and i want to know a good gear/equipment, runes.
    im a little rusty on the game mechanics so be a little specific pls XD
    ive seen that some ppl say that going full ssa is a really good option but im not sure

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    Answer can't be specific if you aren't specific. Are you planning on buying vouchers to give yourself a foundation to work with? Budget? starting from scratch?
    If you're starting from scratch...especially at level 145, I don't suggest trying at all but that's your choice, not mine.
    Gear: If you're on a budget, go for full perfect craft (yellow text, not the green one) 1 slot Craftman Sigmetal suit, boots, gloves, blade and helm is up to you; dmg/amp/rate craft w/e grade, should be 2 slot. Eventually work your way up to perfect craft craftman forcium.
    Runes: Pretty much the same for all classes except you're switching around attack and amp. HP, Def, attack, s. amp, max crit rate, cdi, damage reduce, hp absorb up, str, int, dex, mp, def rate, attack rate. Order in which you learn them doesn't matter, though i'd suggest learning hp absorb up first and saving the stat runes and def/att rate for last.
    Last edited by Noona; 11-20-2014 at 07:28 PM. Reason: added perfect craft sigmetal in case you got the wrong idea

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    your're right i wasnt specific, well my gear so far is as follows: mystic helm +6 26% Crit DMG, sigmetal suit +7 50hp 5% asa, sigmetal gloves +8 2% hp steal 4%asa, sigmetal boots +8 100hp 3%asa, redosm katana +8 26% crit dmg, redosm katana +6 10% crit dmg 7%asa
    bof+2 x2, vampiric earring +2 and +3, rol+1 x3, crit ring+1 and sometimes force absorb ring+1, vampiric amulet +3, belt of rapid +4

    im not planning on buying everything at once but i would like to know like what type of gear should i be going for, im mainly pve and partying with a wa, regarding alz i have around 150m but i think i can get more if i collect from other chars that i have and dont use

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    Anyways, I've answered your question in advance. Best of luck.
    And just an FYI, majority of your alz will come from selling cores you get from dungeons, so I would refrain from upgrading any of the current stuff you're using =]. The economy is terrible now, don't quote me but 1b is like 100mil. The 2 slot tg/sg/mystic perfect amp craft you get from ic1 could have easily gotten you like 500-700m back then; now it's just like 100m.

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