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Thread: Wts bl 190!!

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    WTS Blader 190!!

    Blader Lv 190 Male (Cap)
    Honor rank 15
    It has arionell
    Leth & Killian Rings

    Dmg Reduce, Sword amp, Crit Dmg, Max Crit rate, Defense, Attack, HP, HP absorb, INT, DEX, STR, others
    Blended runes:
    Strike Pray I, Sword Dance I

    Char bind Blades:
    Sigmetal Blade 8% amp (2 Slots)
    Redosmiun Blade 9% rate (2 Slots)

    Sienna's Bracelet 6 amp and 50 accuracy (slot)

    PM me or Mail me
    C/O 1.5b + xfer
    IGN:lLightKira or lDynamiteBoy
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