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Thread: Starting a new blader

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    Starting a new blader

    I just recently made a new blader and am looking for advice on what to work on first because i know it has alot of things to work on like getting gear with better things in its slots and +ing the gear more also getting ALOT better blades but i dunno what i should work towards first the +ing, blades or Accessories because I know with the current armor i'm well enough set atm. I mostly pve and occasionally pvp. I'm lvl 130.

    I'm currently using:
    Mergaheph's ring
    Crit ring +2
    Force Absorb Ring +2
    Ammy of Pain + 5
    Vamp Earring +5 x2
    Minesta's Chaos Fighter Belt +6
    Astral Bikecard - Type:blue +6
    BoF+5 x2
    Minesta's Sapphire Charm +1

    Craftsman's Sigmetal:
    Suit 7%amp Def in slot +5
    Hand +7%amp skill exp in slot +5
    Shoes +7% amp Empty Slot +6
    Helm 26% crit damage +5

    Redosm blade of deathblow +6 20/4
    Redosm blade of deathblow +8 20/4

    STR 423
    INT 77
    Dex 564

    43% rate
    105% dmg
    37% amp

    Current combo til trans :
    PVE: LS - IB - DT - SG
    PVP: FK - LS - VI - IB - DS - DT then BS as finisher
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    i'd really consider moving on to a different game that's less pay to win. Cause at the moment any new players don't stand a chance against people who've been playing for a while. Skill is arguably important but what will skill do when players in full 21+ amp gears can easily 1/2 or 1 shot you. by all means you can choose to ignore me but that's just the reality.
    If you still really want to play, just settle with everything +9 then move into +11. The gears you have atm are fine, slots don't really matter. As for weapons, get 2x 28 damage craftman forcium blades.

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    I've noticed the pay to win it alot bigger nowadays and alot less English speakers... the new players seem to be very very low and just super high or super geared people. Cabal has always been my favorite mmo tho so i'm going to stick with it even through the bad times and hope it gets better. If i For pure dmg weapons tho my rate will drop or i could get some 40% redosm or sig blades i'm only using the 20/4 for rate atm i know they are bad tho so i'm definitely gonna update them.

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    i highly doubt cabal will ever be as good as it was before, don't say i didn't say i didn't warn yaaa.
    if you really want the rate, consider getting an 8 rate helmet instead. getting forcium weapons are crucial as they provide more (base) attack.

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    haha well thanks. I'll look into getting some then. would you say that blades are most important tho or work on something else first?

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    if you have issues surviving in dungeons like...ic1, illusion castle, then i suggest getting vamp earrings AND some source of hp% steal, either from pet, a ring, bracelet, or rune. 2-3% hp steal should be good enough. i suggest saving some alz to get vouchers so that you can get the kred board with ecoins in the cash shop. although the kred is outdated, it's still a very good dps booster. also try getting bracelet of fighter +3 of amp, or one with slots. other than that, i would say the blades are most important.

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    i have a vamp ammy +4 and a life absorb +3 ring i sub the crit +1 and pain for when things get though.
    So kred, another vamp earring or dorsin, and Bofs then blades got it ^^ thanks for your help. Are belts important or don't waste my alz on it?

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    yes, chaos belts are worth it. i'd buy a +6 or +7 fighter for long term temp. I wouldn't try making one if i were you because they break upon upgrade failure

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    use those 60m osm suits save monies

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    Do charms break upon upgrade failure too?
    Are Effectors really worth it?
    Now I'm saving for a new helm and or blades to get my rate higher so i can then get more cd. Tho I'm being told my Def is low. Currently its 1210.

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