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Thread: Starting a new blader

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    1)do charms break?
    technically, yes. when you upgrade a charm via chloe in port lux, its previous grade is one of the craft materials and the result will either be success or fail.
    2)are effectors worth?
    in your situation, not really. something to look for around end game or when you're done with gear. couldn't go wrong with a cheap one though
    3)low def?
    lol 1.2k def really is low. protip: invest in evasion&amp gear to make up for the defense loss. obviously won't help when you're doing a standing pvp. but in war when people are constantly in bm2/bm3, it can do wonders. funny how devauled evasion still is even though its been 1 year since the rising force update came out.

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    Okay thanks you are really helping me out ^^and yea my evasion is the only reason i'm was able to ic1. apparently my attack is high it confused a 141 gladiator and made him mad because he had better weapons and i still had more lol. I haven't done war since... before bm3 came out thats for sure lol. I'm thinking about maybe picking up a eog sig or 8 and swapping it in when i'm pveing.

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