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Thread: Will this game ever get put on steam?

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    Will this game ever get put on steam?

    This game is pretty much dying. I see less and less people every day AND the whole server merge thing...

    This game got greenlit OVER a year ago on steam, Whens it gonna get put on there? It would really help this game out considering all I see anymore is Bots, Speaking of which does ESTsoft even ban people? I've seen the same guy in Pontus ferrum for over 3 months now just farming in the same spot with a mystic blade eppy on

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    Unfortunate, right? :c
    I don't think Cabal being passed on steam will make a difference in the population. This game is at the stage where there's a huge gap between new players and veteran players and there's nothing to close that gap. Sure, we'll have a spike in population for maybe a few weeks up to a month because of how appealing Cabal looks on the surface but once they realize how p2w this game is, they'll either usd bandwagon or quit. Not sure about everyone else, but I'd say the more feasible option is to just quit and move on to a less p2w game.
    And to those who think I have something against USDers, I don't. I can careless cause it's their money and they can spend it however they want.

    Also, I'm assuming you already have...but did you report the guy botting on PF with clear and concrete proof? Like dropping return stones for them to pick up and partying/talking to them to see if they respond.
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    Trust me this game isn't dying. It has more than enough whales to keep it swimming.

    Some games get green lit and never show up on Steam, some show up the next day. Getting green lit doesn't really mean anything except you're in the running.

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    i honestly do not see this game getting on steam,

    what i do see is us and eu being merged -- eu has been standing there all by itself as the GM team simultaneously manages eu, na, and br at the same time. its been like this for awhile, so i do not see the GM team hiring additional staff to run eu as originally intended at this point, and it may be just easier to consolidate them all into a singular merger.

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