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Thread: S> 190 Wiz x2 - HR 20, Mart Crafter

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    S> 190 Wiz x2 - HR 20, Mart Crafter

    Blager Char Sale: (190 WIZ)

    Post offers or mail in game to "Blager" Do not pm me on forums, I will not see it.
    Buyer must pay all transfers.

    Two 190 Wizards for sale

    1) 190 WI, HR 20 (0.27%) 40k WEXP, 5.3k Ammy Craft c/o 2.7b b/o 3.5b - SELLING FRIDAY
    Runes (165 AP):
    Max - Atk rate, HP, CD, amp, mcr, def rate, hp %, dmg red
    Other - L7 INT/DEX/STR, L14 m.atk, L13 Def, L9 resists
    Blended: Force Pressure II (amp-char), counter force I (atk-char), shield smash I (-def char)

    Char bound gear:
    ST WI hlm 40dmg/7 rate
    Drei gloves no slot, 5amp/28 atk
    Lyc Orb 5dmg/8amp+slot
    -Name change, 27 tokens, 56 def/66 def dros

    Forgot to mention: Has Arionell + Vampire/Angelo/Druga

    2) 190 WI, HR15 (8.73%) 25k WExp, 10k Mart boot/glove craft c/o 2.2b b/o 3.5b
    Killians, Bound RoL2, no Tyrant
    Runes (50AP)
    Max - Pet Exp, Pty Exp, HP, M.atk, amp, MCR, CD
    Other - L15 atk/def rate, L12 def, L7 skill exp, L1 MP %, L3 DEX, L4 INT, 1 open slot
    No blended runes

    Char bound gear:
    Sig WI Boots+10, 7amp/100hp
    Tit WI hlm +15, 40cd/7rate
    Junk prid
    43 Tokens

    Acc Bound WI Gear:

    Craftsman Forc orb +15, 8amp/24dmg/7 rate. Extreme L2. No offers (min offer 25b, b/o 30b)

    Sig WI Gloves+15, 7amp/5mcr + slot SOLD
    Sig WI Hlm+15, 15 rate/24dmg SOLD

    Other acc bound stuff:
    Superior Core Highest x15
    CR2 x3
    Drei EoF
    Blue bike 3 slot, 5 resist rate, 35 magic atk, 180 hp

    Other gear (nonbinding):
    Craftsman Forc orb +15, 8amp/10dmg
    Craftsman Wiz Suit +15, 8amp/150hp. Alz drop junk slot
    Saph Charm+7 c/o 7b b/o 8b - SELLING TODAY

    Post offers or mail in game to "Blager" Do not pm me on forums, I will not see it.

    P.S. if anybody wants to dig deep and buy Blager, pm me offers. Max all battle crafting, Max basic with SeM x2, SeH, SeHH, nearly all charm crafting. Historic char created in OB of former merc.
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