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Thread: Food for Thought: PvPing

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    Food for Thought: PvPing

    Why do people still do 123/standing PvPs? Like is there any point to it? If you can win, it pretty much just means that you have have better gears or better resist critical rate. In other words, it's all based on how much one can crit on their opponent, which is purely rng. Sometimes having better gears and resist critical rate doesn't mean anything if ur a magic class. In these types of PvPs, melee classes will always win so I honestly don't see the point to it? Maybe there should be some kind of revamp/balancing for the pvping system, since literally no1 freestyles anyways? Even if people freestyle, it's all pk, where you can mindlessly spam that auto retarget button. iunno, it seems to me that the pvp aspect of this game has all gone downhill, PvPs, as mentioned is all based on rng, nation war just gets tedious because of the same boring, glitched map map since like 6years ago from release and even the "new" mission battle system is deserted.

    Maybe i'm just way in over my head?

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    bro 123 pvp is tuff stuff bruh

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    shts and giggles for the magic class if they beat the opponent
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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