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Thread: dont be mad blood ;(

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    dont be mad blood ;(

    maybe next week

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    hi blood is #1 wi ok. not only does he auto mp pot in bm2 he also has full osm 3% amp gear with amp in slot using some pro alz to slot extend gloves and suit and slot them with mcr. we must all follow bloods pro-ness in war with 40 cdi topaz 0/2 and some awesome 40/7 topaz orb. using prid bracelets instead of penetration siena will now be the new meta. also why even bother buying mp pots when you can have mp steal

    blood forever #1
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by SantaClaus View Post
    maybe next week
    whatchu talking about ? o.o

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