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Thread: S<181 Fs hr 15(38%)

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    S<181 Fs hr 15(38%)

    181 fs honor rank 15(38%) it has the following

    Str rune lvl 4 def lv13 int lv 3. Dex lv4. Amp lv 2. ATk lv 10. Def and Atk rate lv 15. Hp rune 15. Mp rune lv 8 cd rune lv 2
    Res stun and knock down lv 5
    Arch suit fs 2 slot 7 amp clean+10 and gloves same thing

    Merg ring, basic craft 4.2k Bm3 Max

    Looking for 600M and transfer mail Versa in game, quitting sale. I'm not on a lot so I'll log on to check my mail thx

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    Are you still selling this?

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    still selling?????

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