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Thread: Doomer made me

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    Doomer made me


    All views I hold about character builds are applicable primarily to pvp in war. Slightly or entirely different constraints apply to pve and out of war pvp. Furthermore, it is all geared towards end game, because that's the only time it really matters.

    - If you're a blader and your evasion is less than 6-7k, you're doing it wrong.
    - If you're still a strength build force blader, please stop. (Also, why would strength build force bladers even try to use lighting blade elemental enchant? I can't even count how many force bladers I've chased and hit 100% through it.)
    - Base attack is by far the most important offensive stat. I maintain that the threshold for big boy base is 2.7k.
    - Similar for base defense. 3k is probably where it starts to matter, though 3.3k or 3.4k wouldn't be unreasonable.
    - Resist rate is probably the most overrated stat in current meta. Maybe second to crit damage, but if it is, it's very close. (Not only that, but any more than the slightest amount of resist rate in gear will push an honor rank 20 character over the hard cap with saint's buff and spirit intension.)
    - Penetration is broken, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
    - That being said, both defensive merit trees completely annihilate their respective offensive one.
    - Warrior is completely and utterly broken and yet they still get buffed every patch, and *still whine and moan*. Wat.
    - Extreme wins the game.

    I would like to preempt some common misunderstandings:

    - I say you need 2.7k base to do serious damage, and often the response is "not all classes can get 2.7k base". *That is exactly my point*.
    - Same for base defense. If you don't have 3-3.4k+, and are trying to tank, something is wrong. "Not all classes can get 3k defense." First of all, wizard can, and so I'm pretty sure it's *possible* for any class. For some it is not practical, however.
    - Amp without base is useless. Sometimes I feel like people forget that amp... well... *amp*lifies, it doesn't have a value on its own.
    - Similarly, crit damage multiplies on non crit damage. So increasing non crit damage (base and amp, essentially) *necessarily* increases crit damage.
    - "But my rate/crit damage build is op." Sure. However, no one on north american server is tanky, so you just haven't seen its failing yet.
    - "My rcr build tanks just fine." I can assure you, it does not.

    This is all so patently obvious to me, I don't even see how people could disagree.

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    huehuehue :>

    I just realized str built fb was still a thing
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    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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    Happy April Fool's!

    Seriously though, I don't know why people still build Str FB, 600 dex is the way to go

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    Rubber ducky

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    check under the bed
    Quote Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
    i met the requirement for attack and defense im enso-certified.
    XD that should totally be a thing. Enso make a pro license

    FB lvl 180 da best
    Tank status

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