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Thread: WTS> my wa iKrish

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    WTS> my wa iKrish

    [SIZE=4]WTS> My wa lvl 191(8%)
    Hr 20 wexp left 28 k
    Basic craft 6.8k
    Ring craft 10 k
    Ch bind itemE---Tyrant ring , killan's ring ,opridious amulet rare (max crit rate 3, all skill amp 6, and crit dmg 4)..
    Full runes maxed just dmg reduce and accuracy not maxed yet ..
    And a rename card so u can change name :P
    And also i have a sigmetal gs 84dmg ch bind item
    Pm me on cabal for more info IGN: iKrish....
    Last edited by ikrish; 05-05-2015 at 04:42 AM.

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    Lol you really needed that gs asap huh

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    left playing bro for like 1 year (have to go for study) so i justt sell all my good and save pure cash

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    What's b/o

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    I really did't fix a b/o yet.. but i was thinking about 5.5b..
    Last edited by ikrish; 05-04-2015 at 09:16 PM.

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    Update .. for selling orbs

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