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Thread: NA cabal grinding is harder than Korean cabal

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    Not really. Quit crying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by providen1990 View Post
    I compare with Korean because we share the same game content. The average gear of Korean is 10 and they play a level 10 content while the average gear of NA is 5 and we still play that level 10 content. Game is not all about pvp, pve is a big factor and cabal NA is unbalance between gear vs game content.
    I am saying this because it is ridiculous to make NA grind harder than Korean. So I asked for boost in exp
    IDK about vietnam server, what the deal there? do they have the same content as us? what kind of stuff they sell in itemshop?
    VN server have exactly the same content as NA server
    FYI, the last section, event cash shop item of ingame cash shop N button is exactly taking from current event running in VN server.

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    the amount of incorrect information in this thread is too high
    RIP El Shaddoll Construct =(

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