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Thread: How to win war 101

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    How to win war 101

    1) Make sure you stack them smalls for Spartans, if they ever chase you run by smalls because they'll target smalls over you no probs.

    2) Don't forget about using your blue bike in the middle of an open area to run away, because that sht is MLG status 10/10.

    3) Make sure your op warrior using resist rate because that's how you play the game.

    4) Using grade sig and below weapons is the key to winning war, because blocks don't matter at all as long as you can crit hard(if you crit coughcough)

    5) Defensive merit trees are utterly trash compared to offensive trees, who needs IGNORE penetration/dmg reduct and EVASION/def rate when you can HIT hard.

    6) +15 weapons are obviously not required to popular belief(especially if it's not Forcium+).

    7) If you're not taking over 3m damage from small farming you're doing it wrong.

    8) Only comboing to 11 is necessary because comboing past 11 is hard.

    9) FB is too god damn overpowered just like my homie tonberry says, they're so strong omg, and warrior is so trash

    10) On that note, FA is trash too.

    11) Base ATTACK and MAGIC ATTACK don't matter at all; enso lies!

    12) Alternatively, getting more and more people on smalls will increase your overall chance of winning and obviously apply a 20% bonus to your guild score.

    13) Accuracy/evasion and attack rate/defense rate is also trash because why would that matter when you can hit HARD.

    14) Med and Large bases are obviously not important compared to smalls.

    15) Also ALL force shielders should build offense because offense>defense especially on a defensive class.

    16) ALSO Fire Blade EE obviously still heals your hp.

    I hope all you sweet people playing cabal enjoyed this how to win war 101, I will provide more tips if needed =)

    Nothing to do with war but
    17) ImmortalSouls is full of dumbasses like tf? and iProud is a terrorist, you have been warned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
    doomer will save the capella nation with his knowledge and theory crafting

    I am Procyon too np
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    Is resist stun good for killing smalls? What about not building gaurdians on smalls so the other team can quickly take the base and give you more opportunities to kill the smalls for quick points. Also you dont even mention mass rooting the smalls if someone attacks you so you can run away but have your smalls stay put for future farming. You have to explain every aspect of smalls as they are the key to winning nothing else matters. Geeez learn2mentor or you'll never be topr02w4rj4mmlg2015

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    i would use skill exp rune in lieu of resist stun. this way, your sp builds up faster and you can bm3 guardians and get more points. you can negate stun by dashing/fading/screaming at your screen, so i find it superfluous. make sure you save up your aoc for guardians as it takes away major defense, thus giving you more farm points. when someone is trying to 1vs1 you, make sure you do not combo and fade every time the cooldown time wears off. if he roots you he is noob.

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    i use sig grade weapon doomykun

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    exp still rocking +9 gear or sumthin

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    LOL that was a funny as.s read

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    so much attention
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    Quote Originally Posted by OverFlow View Post
    i use sig grade weapon doomykun
    it's OK cuz you're a fb and fb is op but what you should be using is phery. I use phery orbs and I am rocking damage like a boss.

    skill exp rune is total trash WHY would you use that compared to alz drop amount. guardians can get you alz and the more alz you get the more sp packs you can buy duh. Lrn2meta2015
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