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i wasn't even being negative about this? maybe you're starting to take my comments too personally lmao. again, i never said you were a bad fb, i was just genuinely confused as to why miavii thinks you're so AMAZING, or at least, put it that way. and trust me, i would if i had a high level character to play.

edit: lol @ videos that don't have to do with dummies. you think comboing on mobs is any different

another edit: made a short video so you and others don't have to cry about how i'm all talk. not saying this video is any better than your's cause again, this is all average and what the typical player should be capable of doing. on a side note, your video was one year old when the debuff casting times weren't shortened so meh. anyways, i managed to sum up 80% of your long @ss video into 8s, you're welcome for any prospective viewers. my quality might be bad because i have a shtty computer but my music makes up for it. inb4 negativity

Haha! its all starting to make sense now. Typical of internet warriors.
That video is a joke lmao! Can't believe you are comparing your debuff/dash on a mob that doesn't do anything besides stand there to live gameplay in war/freestyle.
Get out of here dude lol.. seriously...

All bark but no bite.