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Thread: Lost account / characters

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    Lost account / characters

    i have an old account where i have some characters big level , i stop plaing cabal some time , and when i want to start play again i don't have the characters , can you help me please ?the old characters/accounts was deleted or i have a bug ?

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    Here are a couple of things to check for:
    1. Make sure it's the correct client.
    2. Make sure you are selecting English for Titan and Spanish for Callisto.
    3. Lastly, double check that you have the correct client (NA Client, EU Client).

    If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket so we can take a closer look at your situation.

    [GM] Lluvia

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    I haven't played since 2012 and my account is supposedly deactivated. Although logging in doesn't let me reactivate it. It just sends me to the oldcabal website. I have no clue how to reactivate it for the new cabal website. I don't even think Titan was the server back then. Were all characters carried over? Also, how do I reactivate my account if logging in doesn't do that. (Logging into the game tells me that's how I'm supposed to reactivate it)

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    Hey LordMatsu, you should be able to log into the main website. If you're still having issues activating, do me a favor and submit a ticket with the account with the issue (assuming you remember your pw) and we can activate it for you.

    [GM] Lluvia

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