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Thread: Selling Gear

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    Selling Gear

    Selling the following gear in AH on Venus or PM FelonyAssault with offers or post them here:

    Shineguard 3% SSA Gauntlet (WA) +6 1 slot w/ Max Crit rate 2% 40m

    Osmium GS of DB +7 40% CDI 8 Crit Rate 100m

    Forcium Greaves (WA) +2 150% 2 slot item drop 40m

    Forcium Helm for FA +3 2 slotted 1 slot filled with 10% CDI, 1 slot open, leave offers!
    Last edited by FelonyAssault; 06-07-2010 at 01:03 AM.
    Name: FelonyAssault
    Class: Force Shielder
    Guild: Gold


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