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Thread: July 2nd NA DDOS report

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomaboy View Post
    They released Cabal 2 and had a mass flood of people downloading the game and trying to log in, all on top of regular Cabal servers up and running. Common sense goes a long way. Stop before you dig yourself a deeper hole :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Delayed View Post

    Read the Cabal.com XIGNCODE error issue.

    All logins or connections to site weren't working for sometime.

    Ppl already logged in were okay.

    It's not an attack. I thought it was denial of service due to too many login request.

    Please stahp.
    Denial of service is an attack. When there is heavy load on a server it is called... heavy load.

    Also, login requests in the volume that Cabal (in combination with Cabal 2) must sustain is relatively trivial. Denial of service attacks target an endpoint with millions of requests *per second* for an extended period, and do other things such as request that the connections be kept alive to attempt to exhaust file descriptors.

    Not to mention they would affect all users, not those on particular networks.

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    Thanks okay.

    *what follows is all jokes*

    I thought on the moment it was a DDOS organized by a few butthurt players that couldn't log in early with their founder packages.

    They maybe used all their red bull energy on getting some hack programs and spread all their love to XIGN firewall or layer of security.

    Long live cabal 2.
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    I stand corrected. From Cabal 2 Facebook page:

    We have brought down our server temporarily to address a DDOS attack that is being made. We ask for your patience in this matter while we work to get the servers back online and to find out those responsible for for these attacks."

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