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Thread: Cash shop error

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    Cash shop error

    Is anyone getting the same error like I do accessing the cash shop? I've tried clearing cache and cookies but they didn't help. Also, the game has been pretty unresponsive lately, I couldn't use hp or putting stuff into my inventory sometimes. I'm not sure if it's my internet or cabal itself but I could play guildwars without any problems
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    any time that happens, try using a different browser. sometimes google chrome does that to me, so i just hop on internet explorer.

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    I tried both chrome and firefox, same error

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    internet explorer usually works like ton said , when something goes wrong on other browsers.

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    I was able to access the cash shop for a couple of days. Now the error is occurring again and no, it's still not working on internet explorer (no add-on)

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    Don't use cash shop
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    use viettel

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