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Thread: Steam Transfer?

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    Are we sure that EST had any say in when they would be on the Steam store?

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    Is there any news on when the new server will be up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doomer123 View Post
    I don't think cabal 1 will be successful on steam, I could be wrong but I'm more than likely right. They should've released it on steam 1-2 months after it was greenlit when the community was larger; bad business move on EST's part. Cabal 2 has a larger chance of being bigger on steam but from what I hear the end game content is like nothing and gets boring quick(I don't like cabal 2 myself).

    And Cabal 1 is way too old anyways to take off on Steam, and Lv.1-100 content is boring as hell with all the new updates. It's basically spam quest until you're lv.130 and then the game actually starts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IBladE View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faowin View Post
    But will I be able to transfer to it eventually?
    whoaaa... i'm not that ahead of the curve, but i'm sure eventually they will merge after years or so.. who knows.
    this is as much as i know for now. I'm gonna create an acc on the new server though, help keep it active. idk ><

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