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Thread: [CABAL] How To: Fix 'Error During Update' Issue

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    Lightbulb [CABAL] How To: Fix 'Error During Update' Issue

    If you're experiencing this issue, follow these instructions to fix it

    1) Download a working copy of the C:\Program Files(x86)\CABAL Online (NA - Global).

    Download Link here: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...int=file%2czip

    2) After you download the working copy, extract all the files.

    3) Copy and overwrite the extract files onto 'your current' C:\Program Files(x86)\CABAL Online (NA - Global).

    4) After you overwrite the files, launch CABAL and click "Check Files".

    Note: when I did "Check Files" my check files froze at 97%, but I waited about 10 minutes before I closed it completely. When I re-launched CABAL and clicked start, it worked perfectly.

    I hope this helps. Best of luck Cabal Community.
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    Thanks for this. A fully updated copy of cabal is exactly what was needed for this issue.


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    Didnt work... thanks for trying.

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