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Thread: Forum game: Post the name of a recent good teammate.

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    Where your not :D
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Kronius View Post
    Name: NBKFa
    Description: Best FA to run a dg with. Keeps everyone buffed and rarely lets anyone die. Plus a good knowledge of dungeons. Known since 2008.

    Name: Multiple people, Romp, Long of TeamSuper, Bizu
    Description: Best opponents i have witnessed in Nostalgia Forest

    Name: Cass
    Description: Most delusional freestyle Fa, who thinks they won more than they actually did. But i still love them. <3

    Name: ManBear
    Description: One of the best Guild Masters and best person to level with.

    Description: Top Notch FA of all time, rip, retired.

    Description: Probably the best person to stack on stack with and the most humorous of guildies.

    Name: Stomp & Hero
    Description: for always having my back on me being #1 Status

    Description:Toma, best dungeon fb. 13k followers youtube. subscribe!

    Honorable mentions:
    Faii//Kiroku(riazen)//KaiLim//GorTanks//RenKay//Wafakelz//DeArcha//Valdoroth//Superionmaximus//Luzian//Letiicia//cochinas pap&yax//Helen//Gomu//Crusade//rsx//chilly//ambrayen & rest of sei crew + many more.
    I thought you were joking but dang! You caught a case of amnisia after hitting the floor.

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    XI on DK Warrior when we had that 2v2 friendly pk match against TurcoX and Waclock
    In another dimension...Miavii is still alive

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    David Kan. Most down to earth person ive met. Had some pretty hilarious wars during the time he was wizard.

    CHILL. Underrated FS + Pretty sick @ war. And he's chill lol..

    Xperia. Dedicated kid. He usd to grind like 8-10 hours daily non stop of ECA. I took notes and ran with them. Also, helped me gear up when I had literally nothing. Humble and friendly to say the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Kronius View Post
    LMAo WHAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i sell stuff View Post
    Description: Best rooter NA
    Wait, is this the same Kaoshae who was the leader of Templar back in the day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MhyCheese View Post
    CHILL. Underrated FS + Pretty sick @ war. And he's chill lol...
    It's because he is fat

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