Playing on wizard, I see a lot of people do a lot of stupid things trying to run away. Also see a lot of wizards doing the wrong things to try and catch runners. Here are just a few tips to use and behaviors to avoid, with video timestamp for each.

First clip: I think he was rooted before, but really, run before your HP is a sliver.

Second clip: First, he ran too late. Way too late. Also didn't run far enough. Assuming a wizard will not chase is a pretty poor bet.

Third clip: Way too little HP, again. I feel like people forget that they will continue to lose HP after they start running. Leaving at least 30-40% is probably ideal.

Fourth clip: Have HP packs on your bar if you are ever in danger of dying. There is no way I should have caught him, I had to wait for AoFC root to end, then extend. No excuse.

Fifth clip: Couple things on this. While being chased is not the correct time to heal. +756, -6.3k is not a good trade. Also, bikes are useless. If you'll notice, *I got stuck* going through the medium, and still had no problem catching up because of the bike cast time.

Sixth clip: Know where you're going to run and plan a course. He ran too late, but chances are I would have not chased if he had run toward center after casting intuition. (This is probably just me, but I don't chase if there's no point, and defending w8 was more important than killing a single blader. It was his own fault he ran where I was already planning to go.)

Seventh clip: For the love of god, do not try to face someone 20% vs 100%. He had only himself to blame for that death.

Eighth clip: Bikes. Are. Useless.

Ninth clip: Quick Move will not save you if you don't already have high evasion and defense rate. Had to wait a few seconds for AoFC root, and let's count how many misses and blocks... oh, zero.

Tenth clip: Don't run in the same direction a wizard just did.

For chasing, notice how many times blink combo would have made a real difference: pretty close to none. Just preventing healing is plenty if you have enough damage to be chasing anyway. Technical skill doesn't make nearly as much of a difference as deciding correctly what to do at any given moment.

Build also matters--jokers missing/blocking a quarter of the time should not be chasing anyone.