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Thread: S>WA lvl 188

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    Smile S>WA lvl 188

    Hr12 both rings ario 5kamity siena crafter

    HP Absorb Up lvl3
    MP Absorb Up lvl1
    Defense lvl6
    Attack Rate lvl12
    Down Resist lvl5
    Stun Resist lvl4
    Attack lvl9
    HP Absorb Limit Up lvl10
    HP Max
    STR lvl4
    DEX lvl3
    Damage Reduction lvl2
    Pet Exp lvl4
    Exp Max

    Defenseless I
    Sword Dance I
    Strike Pray I

    Bind Gear,Weap
    14/14/48 Redo GS 2Extreme
    Forcium Gloves 7amp +9
    Shinguard Boots 7amp +6
    7/7/24 Shadow Helm +11

    14/14/48 GS Redo 2/2 Extreme offer

    Mail Me Ur Offer +xfer or leave ur in game DreamBoy
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    GS Sold ...

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    Nov 2011
    500m + xfer

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    someone offer 700m+xfer

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