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Thread: Xign Error Suspicious program .. again

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    Xign Error Suspicious program .. again

    I have win 7. after the last maintenance started errors ... every 30 minutes or 40 to 10, there is no specific time ... many people have this problem after maintenance.
    In my case I run cabal without any other application on my pc and the error persists.

    i dont use external programs of any kind and never had this kind of problem with this game. It is extremely annoying and we need a solution. I tried different suggested solutions for this problem with Win 10 and did not work in my case.

    I uninstalled cabal and started a new problem "Corrupted Files in Data Folder", I had to copy the entire client from a friend because the installer in the official website is corrupt.

    plz we need help

    sorry for my english but its not my native language
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    We are aware that there is currently a Xigncode issue that some players are experiencing.

    Please go into your CABAL Online folder -> Xigncode > xingncode.log and send us your log via support@estsoftinc.com so that we may assess the issue and provide a solution. Please refer to the image below if you’re unsure of what to send.

    Thank you for your patience while we work on this!

    [GM] Lluvia

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Hey at least you can start cabal... Many ppl cant even start it

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    Quote Originally Posted by elcave View Post
    Hey at least you can start cabal... Many ppl cant even start it
    Love the optimism

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    Wassup GM Lluvia ! ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Kronius View Post
    Wassup GM Lluvia ! ^^
    Hello there!

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    Can you guy provide a fix to us? If there are many fixes just pick the most common one and give us the direction on how to fix it.
    Isn't the problem is that xigncode does not like some window processes? If it is then just give us the list of programs that xigncode would block.
    One thing that I notice is that I get less xigncode if I do nothing with cabal and just leave it there than if I play it. Which is weird.

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    I some times got cabal xigncode crash when click AH open or last hit boss, or select channel, so it's not the issue with other program, it's cabal inner issue.

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